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Why choose a Mortgage Broker?

Mortgage rates and products are constantly changing, making the Canadian mortgage market more competitive than ever before. However, our team consists of experienced mortgage brokers, you can access all your mortgage options with just one phone call and one mortgage application.

As an independent brokerage, your Sunlite Mortgage professional will place your mortgage with a lender that best fits your needs. So no matter what your financial situation may be, your mortgage professional works on your behalf to find the best lender for your situation. This way, by the time you’re ready to make an offer, you know exactly what to do next.

mortgage house


  1. Time– A mortgage broker saves you time! We have access to over 60 lenders through the banks, credit unions and trust companies. We also have access to over 100 private lenders across Canada, and our relationship is ongoing. Mortgage Brokers are familiar with the different mortgage options. Our collaboration through our intranet and social media chat groups allow us to share information to get each mortgage financing approved for our clients.

  2. Saves you Money- Due to our high volume we have access to unpublished rates from all the lender, whether it be TD, Scotia, orMeridian, that borrowers dont have access to. We could save you thousands of dollars with discounted mortgage rates during the term of your mortage.

  3. No Stress!- Are you a First Time Home Buyer, or New to Canada or are you looking to buy a rental property? Some mortgage situations can be very stressful and this is where you might need the help of a professional. We will walk you through the process step by step from the mortgage pre approval process to the closing of your mortgage on closing day. We will make sure all the paperwork are in place and make sure that you are kept abreast of all that happening with your transaction.

  4. Services are Free- All our mortgage agents are paid by the lender for referring your mortgage to them so you do not have to pay a fee to get a mortgage. There are some instances that a borrower will have to pay a fee, as in getting a private mortgage or a second mortgage. Those lenders do not pay the agent so the agent charges the borrower.

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Our Sunlite Mortgage agents will walk you through the choices available and help you identify the most suitable mortgage product to your current situation; while looking at your short and long term goals. Call a Sunlite Mortgage agent today at (877) 385-6267and we will be happy to help you with a mortgage!

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