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Private Mortgages
Private Mortgages are short term, interest only loans for borrowers having difficulty getting a mortgage from a traditional lender or bank. It is ideal for homeowners who has a need for a short term loan between 1 to 3 years instead of refinancing their existing mortgage and paying a penalty.

Home Equity Loan
A private mortgage can either be a first or a second mortgage and most private mortgages are interest only. Mostly defined as a Home Equity Loan, it’s similar to a HELOC, except you are only allowed to pay down any of the principal amount on the mortgage anniversary date without a penalty. Once paid the funds aren’t available to you unless you make another application for addition funds and there has ti be enough equity for you to qualify.

Interest Rate
The rate is based on, location and the loan to value or risk (total amount of all loans divided by the property value). The higher risk, the higher the interest rate.

We have some of the lowest private mortgage rates in Ontario and we approve all deals.

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We approve 1st, 2nd and 3rd Mortgages with no Job Verification and no Credit

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