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Being prepared for your mortgage renewal is always a good idea. Knowing what mortgage lenders are looking for will prepare you to negotiate for their best mortgage rate. By offering you a free mortgage review we would like to help you save thousands of interests over the term of your mortgage.

Why do I need a mortgage review?

Sign up for today a free mortgage checkup and get the scoop on how to get the lowest mortgage rate, and save money instead of paying more because of loyalty to your bank. Each year Canadians collectively lose millions of dollars because of their loyalty to their bank.

If you are thinking about refinancing or switching your mortgage, deciding between a fixed rate and variable rate mortgage, it is important to know your options, pros and cons so that your desired objectives are met – saving thousands of dollars. most people do more research about a vacation then they do about their mortgage. Saving three hundred dollars on a vacation shouldn’t be more important than saving tens of thousands over the life of your mortgage.

Evaluating your credit, looking at the offering of different lenders, understanding the market conditions and the service being offered. We can help, and we put your interest first by comparing all options and solutions.

Our team has a history of giving prudent and unbiased mortgage advice, give us a call today.


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